DiSEqC for Technicians
[4.2] The Address Byte
The DiSEqC components are addressed differently according to their function.
Similar types of components are compiled in address groups (families). The first four bits of the address indicate the family, while the last four define variations within the family.

AddressBinary DataFamily or Type
000000 0000All families (universal address)
100001 0000All IF switching components
110001 0001LNB (low noise block converter)
120001 0010Loop-through LNB
140001 0100Multiswitches
150001 0101Switches with loop through (relays)
180001 1000SMATV
200010 0000All polarizers
300011 0000All antenna positioners (steerables)
400100 0000All installation aids
410100 0001Signal strength display
600110 0000Alternative area if double addresses appear
700111 0000Interface for multimaster adapter
Fx1111 xxxxFurther expansion
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