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Inside SatLex :: My story - This is how it all began!

From 2003 until present day...
In the spring 2003 it was time for a new change. I didn't plan on buying something bigger than the T90, since there wasn't anything bigger at all (for multifeed). I was planning on buying a new type of satellite equipment.

100 cm Gibertini,
Moteck SG-2100
I wanted to try something new, but not with multifeed antennas anymore. As a consequence, I demounted the T90 and installed a new rotating antenna. The new equipment contained a DiSEqC 1.2 SG-2100 Moteck motor (capable of USALS protocol), one Universal Single LNB MTI AP8-XT2 with a noise figure of 0.6 dB and an aluminium offset antenna with a reflector size of 100 cm. Because of the limited visibility, the antenna can only rotate from 33° East to 37,5° West.
You can have a look at some pictures of this satellite equipment in my gallery.

In summer 2003 I bought a new analog PACE MSS1000 receiver, additionally to the existent Topfield 4000 PVR receiver. The main purpose was testing analog signals.

Dreambox 7000S
Finally in the spring 2004 I bought my third satellite receiver, a brand new Dreambox 7000S.

Over the years I have tested some LNBs manufactured by several companies. The main purpose was to find the best LNB suited for the flawless reception of satellites with weak signal like Arabsat or Nilesat. Finally I found an LNB with a high conversion gain. This one was capable of making the best out of the incoming satellite signal (MTI AP8-T2N). Although I was successful using this LNB, I was already thinking about getting a new antenna.

Triax TDA 110
In the fall 2004 I bought a Triax TDA 110 made of aluminium. Using this new antenna and the high conversion gain LNB MTI AP8-T2N, I was able to receive all weak signals from the horizontal and vertical polarisations of Nilesat and some more frequencies from the Arabsat 2D for the first time.
You can have a look at some pictures of this satellite equipment in my gallery.

At the moment I am searching for an even more sensitive tuner. I have no idea whether I'll ever find one, but my search keeps going on. :-)

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