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2003-12-19 168 additional cities worldwide now in the 'AZ/EL Calculator'!
2003-12-13 64,044 visitors after one year!
2003-12-12 One year since launch of !!!
2003-12-07 New PFA pictures from Brazil and new T90 pictures in the 'Sat-Community'!
2003-12-04 Implementation of full navigation path in browser title area.
2003-11-14 New calculator: F/D ratio of a prime focus antenna
2003-11-04 The 'Satellite dictionary' has now a search function.
2003-10-28 Using a new technology, SatLex is having from now on simple HTML file endings. The pages are being still dynamically generated at run-time.
2003-10-25 'Hyperlinks' structure completely revised. A site preview and more details are now being displayed.
2003-10-03 From now on, the hits in 'Satellite dictionary' will be shown by page with a maximum of 5 hits per page.
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