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2006-10-17 A new calculator for conversion from Noise Figure in Noise Temperature and the opposite way around is now available in the Technology area!
2006-10-16 Satellite launches for the year 2009 !
2006-10-07 From today on SatLex is also available in Slovak! sk
2006-08-29 Other 154 new cities from Greece in the database!
2006-07-31 Links area cleaned up and menu 'Miscellaneous' removed!
2006-07-25 Due to recent spamming of my contact formular, I had to change the procedure of sending emails over it. From now on, you have to confirm the alphanumerical text shown as graphic by entering an authentication key, in order to be able to send your request.
2006-07-09 Congratulations ITALY !!!
L'Italia è Campione del mondo 2006 !!!
2006-06-08 5 new T90 pictures from Sweden!
2006-06-07 71 new cities from Greece in the database!
2006-06-05 3 new pictures of an offset multifeed antenna from Germany!
5 new galleries with images from Croatia, Norway, Finland, Israel and Egypt!
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