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2006-12-24 Merry Christmas !!!
2006-12-12 Four years of SatLex !!!
2006-11-26 4 new dish pictures from Brazil!
1 new dish picture from Egypt!
5 new dish pictures from Québec/Canada!
4 new dish pictures from Vienna/Austria!
4 new dish pictures from Valencia/Spain!
A curiosity from Brannenburg/Germany!
2006-11-06 News feed from Greece:
2006-11-04 News feed from Croatia:
News feed from Slovakia: Mediá
News feeds from Poland: and
News feed from Germany: INFOSAT DX-News
The satellite news on the home page appear in a random order.
2006-11-03 New Topfield receivers: TOPFIELD TF5000PVR Masterpiece and TOPFIELD TF6000PVR!
News feed from Hungary: Műholdas portál -
News feed from Italy: SAT-ZONE News
2006-10-27 'AZ/EL Calculator' enhanced: old elevation draft removed and a new one implemented. Now you have to enter antenna width and height, in order to be able to calculate the offset angle of the antenna. In case that the offset angle is zero (antenna width = antenna height), then you have a PFA antenna, otherwise you have an offset antenna.
2006-10-26 2 millions visitors (3 years and 10 months / 1406 days)!
2006-10-23 My story is now translated also into English!
2006-10-20 News feed from Spain: En los transpondedores - Tele Digital
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