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  Mercredi | 20.10.2021
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Aspects techniques :: DiSEqC :: DiSEqC pour techniciens

[1.0] Preface
Publication of this document with friendly permission of
SPAUN electronic GmbH & Co. KG
Source: PDF Document (614 kb)

Today, you can page through technical journals or brochures featuring satellite reception and you will find in almost every one an article on the subject of DiSEqC. This report is different from previous publications and will be an aid for the technician who wants to install DiSEqC components for the customer and to acquire basic technical background knowledge about DiSEqC. Although this paper contains a great deal of technical information, it should be easily understood by non-technicians, too; It contains only the most important information of various DiSEqC specification documents. This document is an updated translation of the leaflet "DiSEqC für Techniker" available from SPAUN electronic.

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