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  Mardi | 19.10.2021
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Aspects techniques :: DiSEqC :: DiSEqC pour techniciens

[12.0] Conclusion
A very flexible, efficient, and cost-effective system supported by all well known manufacturers, DiSEqC has successfully set the standard for satellite reception components. It is important, however, that dealers and installers also be informed about DiSEqC and its potential in order to understand the new technology and to use it effectively to keep the customer happy. Eventually, the analogue control signals will have the same fate as the mechanical polarizer has in Ku-band transmissions: standard only some years ago, but almost forgotten today.

If you would like to obtain more information about DiSEqC, complete specifications documents may be downloaded from the Internet (EUTELSAT).

DiSEqC™ is a trademark of EUTELSAT.

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